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Galatea Life Coaching

Life Skills, Health & Vitality, Spiritual Path,

Grief & Loss

About Charmiene

Charmiene Maxwell-Batten, a Certified Professional Life Coach, embraces the philosophy of Motivational Interviewing as well as the power of reflecting listening while collaborating with a client and their desired outcome. She is a published author of 9 books and has traveled, researched and lived in Africa, India, Thailand, Switzerland, England and the United States. 

She studied Ethnology at Zurich University in Switzerland and has a profound understanding of cultural diversity and our shared human nature. Her multi-faceted training in Natural Health as well as a long standing interest and study in the psychology of Carl Jung, has enriched an awareness of the intrinsic unity of body, mind and spirit.

Charmiene Maxwell-Batten, who is also a Medical Herbalist and Naturopath, has received recognition as a Hospice volunteer counselor in caring for the terminally ill and their families,as well as university study and training in the traditions of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and Stephen Levine.

Charmiene's journey of self-awareness has been enriched through the study of meditation, relaxation and self-realization under the tutorage of three renowned sages in India.

“How can one become enlightened?

One can, because one is enlightened -

one just has to recognize the fact.” ~ OSHO

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"Coaching with Charmiene opened doors for me to explore some of my familiar stuck situations in new ways that were really helpful. I found her to be practical, down to earth, as well as supportive, and I recommend her as a sensitive and insightful person. Our skype sessions were light and fun and got to where they were needed."

               Dr. Maya Spencer, Consultant in Wellness Solutions

"Charmiene possesses a gently endearing and engaging personality to which one can only warm. In talking to her and responding to her questions, you are inexorably led to a greater understanding of your own self, and the guiding principles by which you seek to live."

               Clive Wheeler, Business Owner