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Galatea Life Coaching

Life Skills, Health & Vitality, Spiritual Path,

Grief & Loss

Galatea Life Coaching specializes in:

1. Spiritual Path and Spirituality:

Finding a spiritual teaching that fits with your own heart’s inner and outer journey. Learning and understanding various Meditation styles that enhance body/mind/spirit.

2. Health through Diet and Lifestyle:

A healthy diet, supplements, herbal remedies and exercise that works towards your goals and aspirations for body and mind.

A collaborative partnership where teamwork and a trust-based professional relationship exists.

3. Grief and loss:

The separation of someone through death or any kind of bereavement is a tragedy and can devastate us in ways that may not always be visible. Working towards the ways to cope with everyday life through the understanding of our individual grief and acceptance of loss. 

4. Life skills:

Working towards attaining the aspirations, goals and desires that you would like to manifest in life. With practical tools as well as a helpful approach to manifest a life that is nurturing, fulfilling and enriching. 

An appreciative reflective approach incorporates discover-based inquiries and promotes envisioning success as contrasted to focusing on problems.